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Tired of Waiting for SOMEDAY?

  • WHAT IF... Life didn't feel so hard all of the time?

  • WHAT IF... There was a way to "Do Life" without feeling so Stuck?

  • WHAT IF... You felt inspired and motivated?

  • WHAT IF... It WAS Possible to find and live that Dream in YOUR Heart ?

  • THE DREAM... that You had put off until SOMEDAY.

  • What If SOMEDAY was today...

    What if There Was a BETTER Way to Live Now so that you Could...

  • No longer think, "Did I take a wrong turn somewhere?"

  • Stop asking "Will life ever get better?"

  • Become re-united with YOUR Life Purpose and stop, "waiting for retirement to begin your life."

  • Find the courage to live Your Someday starting Today.

  • Learn how to LIVEtruly LIVE now... The way you were designed and lovingly created to LIVE.

  • LETS GET REAL... feeling stuck is ZERO FUN and it is boring and draining. Day after day of the same "stuff". Some days it's hard to just get out of bed.

    Every day, you tell yourself "I can do it. Just hold on one more day"...

  • I didn't get stuck overnight... "I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do."

  • I worked so hard to get here... "How can I start over now?"

  • I am already stressed to the hilt... "Where would I fit in learning something new?"

  • What if I fail... "What would my family and friends think?"

  • Everyone else seems so happy... "Why can't I just be like them?"

  • The Business of Busyness is so much work... "How did I end up here?"

  • What if... There was a roadmap through Stuck to Your Beautiful Life...

    ...That helps You find You again without adding more stress to your already overwhelmed life.

    And that's why I am blessed and excited to introduce you to...


  • Roadmap through stuck so you can courageously move towards your beautiful life.

  • Learn how to live life with passion and purpose again.

  • Find who you were created to help ~ make an impact bigger than you.

  • Spend more time with your loved ones now... stop waiting for someday.

  • Connection and collaboration ~ Teamwork makes the dream work.

  • Build your confidence through courage... start living your life now.

  • Coach krazy Kat's AWKWARDly Beautiful ~ Journey from Stuck Course can change your life for the better, if you are willing and ready to take on the challenge. It is designed for people who:

  • Crave more quality time with family and loved ones now, and are tired of waiting for "some day." 

  • Tired of working for the "Money boss." Sure you need money to live, but why all of the pressure. "How can I find Financial Security, get out of Debt, or live a more Simple Life?

  • Crave more time to build your spirit. My spirit is tired of playing "second fiddle" to the "Business of Busyness". It is time to establish (re-establish) a meaningful relationship with The Creator, Father God for spiritual and emotional growth and healing.

  • Full of proven tools and strategies... AWKWARDly Beautiful ~ Journey through Stuck... allows You to find YOU again in a safe and fun environment that Reduces the overwhelm, Helps you to see YOUR Destiny more clearly and Gives You the Confidence to move towards YOUR Destiny Courageously.

    AWKWARDly Beautiful ~ Journey through Stuck

    Courageously move through "stuck jail" by taking action towards Your Beautiful Life... the Life of your Dreams... the Life You were created to live.

    ALL of this, with ONE EXTRA invaluable resource...

    WHY CAN I HELP? I feel #stuckitystuckstuck most of the time. I have been and will be stuck a lot, I am honest about stuck, not afraid to face stuck, and I will share all of my tips and tricks about stuck with you.

  • #ICantGoOn... "It cannot keep going like this. Life is too short to feel this unhappy all of the time."

  • #HowDidThisHappen... "Where am I and how did I get here?"

  • #CanIStayinBed... "If I snooze ten more times, do you think work will notice?"

  • #CanIJustCry... "I cannot do this for twenty more years until I can retire."

  • #IWanttoQuit... "I am so frustrated that I just want to quit everything."

  • I can help because I have taken all of the wrong roads, seen the dead ends, wanted to cry and to scream and to quit. I know how stressful, exhausting and frustrating it feels to work so hard to feel "stuck." I know how scary and overwhelming it feels to think about getting "unstuck." If there is a feeling of "stuck", I have been there! I have been in and out of fear and frustration more times than I can count, but I learned how to no longer fear stuck. I embrace it now and move through it more quickly. I can help you learn how to do the same.

    AWKWARDly Beautiful ~ Journey through Stuck was designed by Coach krazy Kat, a published author, coach and reformed accounting professional who retired from a respected twenty-two year career to regain her life and who's passion is to help you regain yours.

    Welcome to Your Journey through Stuck

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  • Your Someday begins now.

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